Agate Rough
From The Prudent Man Mines

Ten pound parcels of small Prudent Man Agate Rough
The stones in these mine run parcels will be picked from my stockpile of rough that averages 2" to 4" in size.
The image below represents the quality and size mixes you can expect in a 10 pound parcel.
The price per parcel is $100.00 including shipping via USPS priority mail.
Contact me:  to buy. Your unconditional satisfaction is guaranteed.
Image produced from wet stones.

Prudent Man Agate Rough

Plume Agate 
Click Here To See Rough Prudent Man Agate From Vein Two For Sale

  Plume Agate
Click Here To See Rough Plume Agate From Vein One Of The Prudent Man Mine

 PrueHeart Agate Rough 1   PrueHeart Agate   PrueHeart Agate   
PrueHeart Agate Rough
Click image to see the available material.

Drusy Agate PMD-5
Drusy Quartz On Agate From The Prudent Man Mine

Click on image to see the available material.

Chalcedony Roses
Chalcedony Roses

Click on image to see the available material.


Pahsimeroi Jasper Rough-7m
Pahsimeroi Jasper Rough


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